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    Thank you for visiting.  On this site, you will be able to find information and resources for all of my classes.
    Latest News: 
    Congratulations 7th Grade HTS Robotics Team on winning 1st place at the Warren County competition.
    Photography Club sign up will be in late March.
    Theme for 2023-24
    The theme for this year is “Empowered Learning.” What does that mean to you? ISTE explains it as “Leveraging technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving, and demonstrating competency in your learning goals.” One of the latest trends in technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has a great potential to empower us in learning if it is used in the right ways. The key will be to use it to help us learn and solve problems, and not to become dependent on it to do all the thinking for us. We need to be in a position not only to get answers from technology, but evaluate those answers, determine how the machine came up with those answers, and process those answers through our own brains, which work very differently than a computer algorithm ever will.

    In classes this year, I hope to teach and learn about how to use technology of all kinds to empower your learning. Information Literacy, Computational Thinking, and Digital Citizenship are just some of the skills that will help us get there. I’m excited to start the new school year, and I look forward to many great learning experiences.

    Past Themes (which are still useful):


    Computer Science and Design Thinking (22-23)

    The theme for this year is “Computer Science and Design Thinking.”  These terms represent New Jersey Curriculum Standards 8.1 and 8.2, which are the guidelines for much of what we cover in Technology Class.  The term “Computer Science” is often used interchangeably with “Computer Programming.”  While that is certainly a major part of Computer Science, there is more to it than just coding.  Computer Science is a way of thinking logically to solve problems.  It is a toolbox that enables a partnership between hardware and software, and ultimately between people and technology.

    “Design thinking” is a skill that will come up in many subjects, especially in the STEM areas.  Some of the projects we have previously worked on that focus on design thinking include the Minecraft Houses, Technology Evolution presentations, and even the Endangered Species project.


    Welcome Back to the Tech Lab (21-22)
    The theme for this year is “Welcome Back to the Tech Lab”. It’s a moment I’ve been looking forward to since March 13, 2020, the last time in-person Tech classes were held here in Room 17. While I’m proud of everything we were able to accomplish since then in virtual Tech classes and during STEM periods, it’s great to be back in the lab. I hope to focus this year on the projects that just weren’t possible last year, such as Minecraft and Robotics. You can also expect Computer Science to play an important role, and we will often tie in with Math content during STEM periods.


    Turning Challenges into Opportunities (20-21)

    This year, we are starting Technology class primarily in a virtual setting.  This creates a number of challenges which we will have to work through.  This leads to the theme for this year in Tech: “Turning Challenges into Opportunities”.

    The human race has always created opportunities when faced with challenges, and technology has often played the most important role.  For example, one could look at the advancements in transportation and communication that occurred as a result of war.  In our current COVID-19 challenge, we see scientists working to develop vaccines and treatments, software engineers making advancements in video chat and collaboration tools, and businesses figuring out new ways to keep going, in some cases completely reinventing themselves.

    All of us in education (teachers, students, and parents) have also been part of turning the COVID-19 challenge into new opportunities.  We switched to virtual learning with virtually no preparation in March, and while not everything worked perfectly, we managed to continue the learning process and get through the year.  In some cases, we even found ways to do things better than before.  I hope to see even more of that this year, and I also hope we can return to in-person Tech class soon.  My advice to everyone is to be patient, be resourceful, and be responsible, and you will be able to meet any challenge.


    Code Your Success (19-20)

    One of the main topics that we spend time on in Tech class is learning how to code.  While coding may be a useful skill for some of your future careers, it is even more important for all students as an approach to problem solving in school and in life.  Computer code works according to programmed sequences, conditional logic, repeated actions, and efficiency in doing all of that.  Students can improve their learning and success in school by thinking in this way also.  For example, correct sequencing will ensure that we study before a test and get homework done before it is due.  Think about how repeating a set of steps can help you with crafting essays in Language Arts or solving various types of math problems.  Consider how the decisions that we make (conditional logic) can lead to different results, such as getting an award or getting in trouble.

    We get to write our own personal code for how we live our lives, interact with each other, and approach our education.  Your human values will drive your decisions about what your code will look like.  In this new school year, I hope to see many positive values come through in your code, values like creativity, ambition, caring, and empathy towards others.  Have a great school year.


    Be Internet Awesome (18-19)

    • Be Smart - Think before you share/post.
    • Be Strong - Protect your privacy with strong passwords.
    • Be Alert - Watch out for scams, identity thieves, and fake news.
    • Be Kind - Help others and help make the Internet a positive community.
    • Be Brave - Ask your parents and teachers for help.

    ("Be Internet Awesome" curriculum by Google, in collaboration with iKeepSafe, ConnectSafely, and Family Online Safety Institute - beinternetawesome.withgoogle.com)


    The Way of the Cube - 6 Skills for Problem Solving (17-18)
    • Planning
    • Preparing
    • Prioritizing
    • Practice
    • Patience
    • Perseverance

    (from Minecraft: The Island by Max Brooks)

    I am a digital age learner (the ISTE Standards for Students) (16-17)
    • Empowered Learner
    • Digital Citizen
    • Knowledge Constructor
    • Innovative Designer
    • Computational Thinker
    • Creative Communicator
    • Global Collaborator
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