• Welcome to our Grade 8 Math Page!

    September is in full swing!  We are fully immersed in our Algebra curriculum.  Chapters 1 emphasizes operations with real numbers, order of operations and introduces functions.   The textbook is rather large and heavy, but they have access to their textbook online (link provided on the home page). Students will also be working with the IXL.com math program throughout the year, which is an  excellent resource for reinforcing skills.  If there are any issues with your child's access to the internet, please notify me.  Our math program is designed to prepare the students for their respective highschool math programs, and it is important that they are present and keep up. 

    If you have any concerns about your your student's progress at any time, please reach out to me.  (Email is usually best.)  

    I am looking forward to a successful year!