Colton's Journey

  • Colton's Journey

    Colton is a 1st grader in Mrs. Vitale's class at Harmony Township School.
    He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer,
    Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

    The road ahead for the family will be long and challenging. 
    Below are ways that we as a Husky family can help.

Wear ORANGE to show your support!

  • Friday, February 21st
    Wear ORANGE
    in support of Colton

Orange Bracelets

  • Orange bracelets sporting #ColtonStrong
    will be available shortly.
    Come back for details.

Cowboy Colton Benefit

  • Presented by the Red Wolfe Inn & Rustic Reflections Decor

    Sip & Sign at the Red Wolfe Inn
    Monday, March 16th @ 6pm
    RSVP to this event by March 6th, as seating is limited.
    All proceeds will be donated to Colton and his family.
    Cost will be $40.00 Per Person, which will provide you with all the supplies
    you need to create your board.

    Cowboy Colton

Cowboy UP For Colton

  • Custom Ink Shirts (click here)

    Buy a shirt to show your support for this little cowboy.
    All proceeds will go to Colton and his family.
    Remember, we all fight together!

To learn more:


Please join the Meal Train...

  • If you would like to help and join the Meal Train, visit here.

Follow Colton's Journey

  • The family is sharing his journey through the website, Care Bridge. >> Visit here.

Colton will be attending class via his robot VGo!

  • Colton will be attending class via VGo, a telepresence robot!
    How cool is that?

    Colton's 1st day back.

    Colton is attending class via VGo
    Colton got to interact with his class and show off his robot skills.

    Monkey in My Seat!

    His monkey was placed in his chair at his desk where he will remain until Colton returns and reclaims his spot. The 'Monkey In My Chair', is a program to help children who will miss significant amounts of school stay connected to the classroom. Colton also has a miniature version of the money that stays with him.
    Both his monkey's and his robot sport a cowboy hat with an orange ribbon.

    To learn more about a 'Monkey In My Chair' here!


    To learn more about the 'Monkey In My Chair' ... click here.