Discipline Policy


    Students should come to class displaying respect, manners, and their best listening skills.

    We have created a class constitution that lists general rules of the class such as:
    Raise your hand to speak
    Listen and give respect when others are speaking
    Treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves
    Respect classroom and school property
    Listen for and follow directions
    Be safe, be kind, and be honest
    Students who are misbehaving and not following the rules of the classroom and/or failure to complete assignments:
    First infraction - Warning/ Responsibility Slip
    Second infraction - Responsibility Slip + Call/Email to parents
    Third infraction - Responsibility Slip + Call/ Email to parents + Detention.
    * 3 Responsibility Slips in one marking period will result in an after school detention.
    **If a pattern of misbehavior continues, a conference with parent and administration may be requested.