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  • Welcome to 5th Grade!
    Math, Science, and Social Studies with Ms. Adamaitis
    We will be keeping very busy in 5th grade this year! We will be doing many hands-on projects, keeping online notebooks, and incorporating all the newest technology our school has to offer as well as a unique focus on CLASSIC GAMES.  Let's have a WONDERFUL school year together!!!
    ** I will be updating this site daily in order to keep an open 
    communication concerning homework, upcoming tests/quizzes, 
    projects, possible needed supplies, and much more!  
    Please check back often to our "Classroom News
    and "Assignment" sections to keep up to date. **
    2019/2020 School Year
    Homeroom Specials:
    Monday -  Gym
    Tuesday - Music
    Wednesday - Gym 
    Thursday - Technology & Art
    Friday - Media & Spanish