PickUp Patrol - After school dismissal plans...

  • Important change for the 2018-2019 school year!

    For returning parents, please note the following change for the 2018-2019 school year:
    PickUp Patrol will now be using a web-based app!
    If you are using an old app from the Apple Store or on Google Play, it will continue to work for a now,
    however there are advantages to using the new app.

    To access the NEW web app, click the PickUp Patrol Icon on our homepage OR click here to start >>
    ~ Once you login, add the page to your home screen.
    ~ Delete your OLD app.

    For new parents:
    You will be receiving a 'Welcome Email' to get you started.

    Reminder:  Cut-off time is 2:15 for ALL pickup changes (12:10 on early dismissal days!)

How it Works...

  • Parents use PickUp Patrol from their smartphone or computer.

    To make a dismissal change, you simply login, select a date, and choose your child and Dismissal Option.
    Then hit submit and that’s it!

    You can make plan changes at your convenience, and submit them days, weeks, or even months in advance.

    For added security,
    you’ll receive a confirmation email each time a change is made.


  • Having trouble remembering to make that PickUp change by 2:15pm?
    Set your phone alarm as a reminder!

    Adding PickUp to your Homescreen/Desktop
    Iphone users:  Open website in Safari, hit the Goto icon at the bottom, choose 'Add to Homescreen'.
    Mac users: Open Safari or Chrome and drag the URL to your desktop.

    Having trouble entering a 'Note'?
    Be sure you are NOT clicking on the word 'Note'. 
    Click below the word and a field will appear. 

    Not sure your changes have saved?
    If you have received an email, your changes have saved.


    We will no longer be accepting dismissal notes.
    All dismissal updates for students will be made directly in the Pick Up Patrol Portal/App.

Please Note:

  • Important Tip Parents: Only YOU can make changes to the PickUp Patrol, please DO NOT call the office to do so.

    For the safety of your children and to avoid end of the day confusion, you MUST update PickUp Patrol by 2:15pm each day, please DO NOT call the office to make changes!

    If your child is attending ANY after school club or activity, this must be updated in PickUp Patrol, either on a daily basis (which can be done in advance), or through modifying their "Default" plan. 

    Please use the "notes" area for additional info, (ie pick up times).  The 'notes' WILL NOT save for future use, nor will they change any future dates.