Google Resources

  • Communicating privately with a student while on Google Meet

  • Google Meet & Screenscastify Quick Tutorial

  • Archiving Classroom and Creating a 'Sample User' account

  • Google Resources (Classroom, Meet, Slides, Docs, Forms & more)

  • Logging into a Meet from Classroom on an iPad

  • Google Slide template automatically opens as 8.5 X 11

  • Article Aug 12, 2020: Google launches The Anywhere School with over 50 new features

Using NIMBUS to record your lessons

  • How to Prepare and Send a Video Lesson to your Students at home.

Science Resources


  • Getting help with or have suggestions for Education Technology tools, Google Classroom, and Virtual Learning

  • eSpark - Create classes and Add students.

  • Screencastify - unlimited-length screencasts

  • Scanning documents as Pictures via the copy machine

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