• Clubs and Activities

    Advanced Band
    Advisor:  Mr. Conti contia@htesd.org

    Advisors:  Mr. Centanni centannic@htesd.org and Ms. Weller wellert@htesd.org
    The Harmony Township Archery Program is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
    A physical is required to participate. 
    --> Preparticipation Physical Evaluation History Form
    If you would like further information regarding the program, you can visit:
    The National Archery in the Schools Program: http://naspschools.org

    Advisor:  Mr. Conti contic@htesd.org
    Choir is open to 4th-8th grade.

    Drama Club
    Advisors:  Mrs. Piazza piazzaj@htesd.org and Mr. Conti contia@htesd.org

    Advisors:  Mrs. Piazza piazzaj@htesd.org and Mrs. Piwoski piwoskis@htesd.org
    INTEL members are a select group of students who are dedicated to working with the student body, teachers and administrators to improve our school! Meetings will be a combination of small-group lunch meetings throughout the month based on the project being worked on, as well as whole-group before school meetings each month for everyone to check in.

    Advisor:  Mr. Tucker tuckera@htesd.org
    Photography Club students work on building skills in composition, exposure, and editing.  The club meets once per week during the Spring.  

    Robotics/VEX Club
    Advisors:  Mr. Tucker tuckera@htesd.org and Mrs. Piazza piazzaj@htesd.org
    The purpose of the Robotics Club is to learn more about programming robots and to participate in robotics competitions.

    Student Council
    Advisors:  Ms. Smith smitha@htesd.org and Mrs. Mazziotta-Walter mazziottaj@htesd.org
    The mission of the Harmony Township School’s Student Council is to build responsible leaders within our school community and promote the values that represent good character in all students. Members respond to student issues and create student activities that promote enthusiasm and school spirit, and building a community where each member and their constituents are valued and respected. Student Council members work with students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators to make things happen in a timely manner.

    • Leading by example and developing effective communication in our classrooms and community by being respectful, responsible, and safe.

    • Helping others in our community by raising money and supplies for the less fortunate.

    • Engaging our friends and classmates in their education by helping fund exciting classroom lessons.

    • Taking on leadership opportunities and creating strategies for problem solving.

    • Expressing and developing a shared vision - working as a team.

    • Enjoying the process of it all!

    Teen Arts
    Advisor:  Mrs. Mazziotta-Walter mazziottaj@htesd.org
    Teen Arts is an accelerated art program in which seventh and eighth grade students are selected to join based on their artistic merit, ability to work independently, and classroom behavior.
    Students meet after school to work on visual art projects such as school murals and independent work.
    In the spring, students attend a two-day conference at Warren County Community College.
    During this event, they participate in workshops with Teen Arts students from other schools within the county and have their artwork critiqued by a professional artist.

    Advisors:  Mrs. Roloson rolosonm@htesd.org and Ms. Profita profitan@htesd.org
    Yearbook is open to all 8th graders.