Board of Education

  • The Harmony Township Board of Education recognizes the value of public comments on educational issues and the importance of allowing members of the public to express themselves on school matters of community interest.

    In order to permit the fair and orderly expression of such comment, the Board shall provide a period or public comment at every regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.

    Public participation shall be extended to residents of this district, persons having a legitimate interest in the actions of the Board, persons representing groups in the community or school district, representatives of firms eligible to bid on materials or services solicited by the Board, and employees and pupils of this district, except when the issue addressed by the participant is subject to remediation by an alternate method provided for in policies or contracts of the Board.


Chief School Administrator

Business Administration

Meet the Members

  • Jaclyn Rowbotham - President (2026)

  • George Babula - Vice President (2024)

  • Nicole Tipton - Member (2024)

  • Taryn Clayton - Member (2026)

  • Ken Koch - Member (2025)

  • Jamie Sampson - Member (2025)

  • Paul Williams - Member (2025)

  • Rebecca Marshall - Member (2024)

  • Lindsay Bezak - Member (2026)

Committee Assignments


    Liaison:     George Babula (2024) Chair
    Ken Koch (2025); Rebecca Marshall (2024)

    Personnel & Community Programs:    Nicole Tipton (2024) Chair
    Jamie Sampson (2025); George Babula (2024)

    Education/Curriculum/ State & Federal Programs:    Jaclyn Rowbotham (2026) Chair
     Nicole Tipton (2024) Chair; Rebecca Marshall (2024); Lindsay Bezak (2026)

    Facilities/Transportation:    Rebecca Marshall (2024) Chair 
     Taryn Clayton (2026); George Babula (2024)

    Policy & Finance:     Kenny Koch (2025) Chair
     Lindsay Bezak (2026); Paul Williams (2025)

    Shared Services: Taryn Clayton (2026) Chair
    Paul Williams (2025); Jamie Sampson (2025)

    Negotiations:  Paul Williams (2026) Chair
    Jamie Sampson (2025); Jaclyn Rowbotham (2026)

    Legislative Liaison-  George Babula

    Delegate Assembly- George Babula;   Alernate: Jaclyn Rowbotham

    Warren County School Boards Association Representative- Alternating

    New Jersey School Boards Association Representative- Paul Williams

    Harmony Township Council Liaison- Kenny Koch

    Belvidere Board of Education Representative- Jackie Rowbotham