• Grades 1 -8

    Permission to attend will be
    via PickUp Patrol.

    Permission slips are no longer required.

About the Academic Assistance Program

  • The Academic Assistance Program, which provides academic support to all students in Grades 1-8, will continue this school year. The program will run Tuesday through Thursday on days when school is in session on a regular schedule (not early dismissal days). (Permission to attend will be via PickUp Patrol).  Staff members will be available to assist students with homework, organization, and overall class work. It is important to note that this is not considered childcare. Students must have work to do during the after school program.

    The students involved in the program will be dismissed directly to the Library (Grades 1-4) or Room 5 (Grades 5-8) at the end of the day and need to be picked up by a parent at 4:00 PM. Many parents choose to share the responsibility of picking up students because transportation is not provided.