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    Thank you for visiting.  On this site, you will be able to find information and resources for all of my classes.
    Latest News: 
    5/20/20 - The Virutal Tech Show is now live.  Click the link on the left to watch all of the videos. 

    3/16/20 - Due to the coronavirus closing, students should check Google Classroom for Technology assignments.  Please make an effort to log in on the same day I would normally have your class to see if there is a new assignment.  Thank you.


    Theme for 2019-20:

    Code Your Success

    One of the main topics that we spend time on in Tech class is learning how to code.  While coding may be a useful skill for some of your future careers, it is even more important for all students as an approach to problem solving in school and in life.  Computer code works according to programmed sequences, conditional logic, repeated actions, and efficiency in doing all of that.  Students can improve their learning and success in school by thinking in this way also.  For example, correct sequencing will ensure that we study before a test and get homework done before it is due.  Think about how repeating a set of steps can help you with crafting essays in Language Arts or solving various types of math problems.  Consider how the decisions that we make (conditional logic) can lead to different results, such as getting an award or getting in trouble.

    We get to write our own personal code for how we live our lives, interact with each other, and approach our education.  Your human values will drive your decisions about what your code will look like.  In this new school year, I hope to see many positive values come through in your code, values like creativity, ambition, caring, and empathy towards others.  Have a great school year.


    Past Themes (which are still useful):

    Be Internet Awesome

    • Be Smart - Think before you share/post.
    • Be Strong - Protect your privacy with strong passwords.
    • Be Alert - Watch out for scams, identity thieves, and fake news.
    • Be Kind - Help others and help make the Internet a positive community.
    • Be Brave - Ask your parents and teachers for help.

    ("Be Internet Awesome" curriculum by Google, in collaboration with iKeepSafe, ConnectSafely, and Family Online Safety Institute - beinternetawesome.withgoogle.com)


    The Way of the Cube - 6 Skills for Problem Solving:
    • Planning
    • Preparing
    • Prioritizing
    • Practice
    • Patience
    • Perseverance

    (from Minecraft: The Island by Max Brooks)

    I am a digital age learner (the ISTE Standards for Students):
    • Empowered Learner
    • Digital Citizen
    • Knowledge Constructor
    • Innovative Designer
    • Computational Thinker
    • Creative Communicator
    • Global Collaborator
    Contact Information:

    Mr. Adam Tucker

    Harmony Township School
    Phone: (908) 859-1001 x117
    E-mail: tuckera@htesd.org