updated guidelines


IF YOUR CHILD HAS RECEIVED 2 DOSES of the COVID-19 immunization,

please send a copy of their card or other documentation to the school nurse,
as this will impact the necessity of quarantine in the event of exposure or travel.  

This will also assist the school nurse in identifying students
that need to be quarantined if there is exposure to a positive COVID-19 case.
  The documentation can be scanned and emailed to kovalskyj@htesd.org,
faxed to 908-859-2277, or dropped off at the main office. Thank you!

If your child has Covid-like symptoms
they should be tested and any siblings

should remain home until the results come back.

If you have any questions regarding

what is considered a close contact,
please reach out to the HTS Health Office or Mr. Staples.


Travel quarantine is still in effect outside of NJ, NY, PA, and DE.
Contact Mrs. Kovalsky if you intend to travel.